Julio Alejandro

December 8, 2006


2006 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the poet and screenwriter , who wrote several of Luis Buñuel's films including Viridiana (from which the fine still above, of actress Silvia Pinal, is taken: and the version linked to is the one to have). One evening in 1995, he was with the writer Manuel Vicent and the director José Luis García Sánchez at his home. By now in his late 80's, Alejandro told the others that he'd had a vision in which a little girl appeared, to whom he'd wanted to give a tortoise shell, or some other part of an exotic animal, as a present. The little girl reproached him, asking why he'd killed the animal, and wondering why he didn't die himself, since he was so old... As he was coming to the end of the story, Alejandro passed away.


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